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The way i see it

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Now i know you''ve all been doing this but i needed to write something down. Its like therapy, seeing it all written down helps me to believe.

Looking at the run ins i see Southampton going down. They have a good chance with the games they''ve got left but i just feel that they need too many points and i think the Burnley home game could be the killer for them and i don''t see them going to forest on the last day and winning.

I see forest staying up with two home wins against Coventry and Southampton.

I think Barnsley are in serious trouble but the home game against Coventry as their game in hand is absolutely key. Coventry are out of form and have nothing to play for. Also their game against Wolves could be an interesting one especially if they are already promoted. saying that though i would probably take out run in over theirs.

With us i think the next 2 are critical. i think we''ll beat Reading and i think we''ll get a point at Ipswich. I am confident that we''ll get beat by Charlton, last game at the valley in the championship for a while and everything so we''ve gotta get enough on the board before then and i think 4 points might do it!

I''m off to stare at the tables for just a little longer!


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