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We are simply not good enough

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I afraid it’s true. Whilst we can question referees decision and as a season ticket holder I''ve witnessed a fair few of them in the end you make your own luck. You make your own season and this is what we have made of it.I''m a realist but I air on the side optimism as much as I can. There is still a chance, a win against Reading will I think leave us needing a win away to stay up. But that the problem back to back home and away wins.I fear we are heading where our play our players our management and most of all our board deserve to be league 1. The only people who don''t deserve it are the fans.As a football team as a group of players and even as a business that wants to remain in the Championship we simple aren''t good enough or consistent enough. Here''s hoping we give ourselves a fighting chance by winning Monday. Here''s hope that in not just the fans who turn up against Reading. You never know. OTBC

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