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What improvements need to be made to get the goals and points?

i think crosses- more precise and more options, i have seen many crosses just wasted ( i may be wrong though as i have not seen every game)

More players having a go - be more wreckless in front of goal although this has improved recently

Keep possesion - there are times wheree we give the ball away too easily.


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As others have pointed out elsewhere our goals for column is not the disaster we are making out - we have scored 11 goals this season with a strike force that cost us less than a million - the same number of goals as Manure (£68m) West Brom(£5m+big wages)and more than Brum (£6m+) Soton (£6m+) and Blackburn so we have not been performing that badly in front of goal, although we have clearly been creating and missing some chances - I think its Manure who are top of the ''most misses league''.

However by improving our movement (to create space) and control (keeping possession when the ball does eventually arrive - watching Tugay kill a dropping ball was in contrast to Leons hot potato juggling attempts was enspiring yet embarassing at the same time!) up front (Leons energy with Svens touch please) and most importantly learning to put the ball where you intended it to go (ie passing & crossing) will give us better chances for our strikers to convert.

None of this is new - its the gospel according to Gazzathegreat

At the same time it will ease pressure on our defence as we will have possession of the ball for longer.

However this does need to be combined with a very urgent need to keep some shape in defence with a player - either Charlie or Flem - taking control of the organisation - take out the soft goals we have conceeded and we would indeed be mid table. Even with our championship defenders I am confident that some structure to our defence over 90 mins will move us up the table.


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