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Alex Harvey-Jones

My wallet needs a win...

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The guy I sit next to at work is a Cov fan. We went to the first game of the season together at the RICOH and I had to endure sitting with the Cov fans. Anyway despite the result I was impressed with the way Norwich played and thought we were on for a good season. How wrong was I!!??

In my stupidity I made a spread bet with my colleage of 2 pounds for every point Norwich finished above Coventry in the league or vice versa. I think I now owe £22 when I last calculated anyway. He can''t make the match tomorrow but I will be chearing even harder than normal. To add to the  embarrassment today, my colleague said ''mate if you owe me lots of money at the end of the season and Norwich go down i''ll use your money to take you out for dinner.'' :-(

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