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I have lost my optomismyesterday for the first time i finally became ready to accept defeat in our battle and its all thanks to the lads playing out on that pitch yesterday.I think the game yesterday opitomised what is wrong with our side and our club.PLAYERS- from the players point of view, i saw very little passion, very little skill, and of course a lack of a leader. There are players out there who are happy to ride the game and try to getaway without pulling their shift. Fotheringham yesterday constantly lost the ball wen having possession in good areas, and did very little to win it back again, same can be said for otsemobor who in my eyes is 1 of the laziest players i have seen at this club for a while. Fotheringham is certainly no leader, as he hasnt been the 1 player to stand up and actually perform and drive everyone else on in these difficult times.  We were sloppy all to often yesterday, with poor tackling and poor passing. And yes i am going to have a go at Jamie Cureton, he has scored 2 goals this season whereas Jonathon Grounds has 3. How can you defend a scoring record like his? where a left back has a better record?Another thing that got me yesterday, aside from the crap up top, was the lack of skill at the back, look at their 2nd goal, the only player actually defending and trying to keep up ith the twists and the turns was Carl Cort! ( a striker with a dicky knee). Why was it only him? more examples of this are seen though, he made i think 4 clearances from our box, and threatened up top at times (that said he is lacking still IMO)As far as im concerned, im seeing players who dont give a toss as half of them will leave. And to be honest, its players like this that i dont want in our team.Management- Gunn had a good start, but its clear he has his favourites, hoolahan starting ahead of Carney ( a player with obvious flare and skill). Keeping fotheringham in thee side when rusty or pattison coud do a better job, And...Cureton, why persist. These are basic errors in terms of our tactics, and this leaves us weakened. Admittedly i cant be too harsh as he is inexperienced and that isnt his fault, but whether he has the ability to learn quick enough is another thing.Board- Lots of errors here. We have wasted money (490k on loans) is a big example. And we made errors in signing managers, players and our investment in off the pitch ideas. I will admit that when roeder first arrived, i was pleased as i look at his record and there werent any relegations, but i did change my view, because well, he has helped take us here to the relegation zone and got a healthy pay off as a consequence of good job security for him. They have now appointed Gunn, as a PR stunt i feel, and have gambled on the fact that passion can see us through. Many people have called for Delia to go, and i do believe she should go, but the ultimate question is, WHO COMES IN? there are no stonewall guarantees in football and securing new investment isnt easy and isnt going to get any easier in the current financial climate.whats next for us?Well, i now believe we will go down, and i dont think we will come back up for a good 2/3 seasons. We need to rebuild the club, change the structure, and ultimately change the way that we buy/sign/develop/scout players as we have been piss poor at this for a good few seasons now. I hate to say this but i do believe we are down, and i cant believe that the players at this club give such little care to what is going on at this club.some say the game works in a full circle way, and i believe that, but unfortunately, we have decided to hit the bottom ebb at the wrong time and it will be a while before we come back upso i leave on a parting noteOTBC and keep the faith regardless of our division, because players can come and go, but we should all be norwich until the end.

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