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Deadline for Season Tickets 28th Feb 2009

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16,939 season tickets renewed before the first deadline this year.........

Doncaster says he and the other board members are ecstatic with the amount, only down a thousand from this time last year!

"Its Truly Humbling" came from Doncaster and its a testerment to our great supporters!

After all what has been said on this board in recent weeks even i''m surprised with the amount of renewals, it just shows that it does not matter what league we are in next season, we shall follow our beloved Norwich City always!

Big up to all who renewed but as the fans of our great club we must continue to put pressure on the board to solve this sorry mess we are currently in!

I love my club but very unhappy how its run, sort it or sell it Delia!

OTBC since 1969

R.I.P. Dad 1939-2008

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