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Positive support is needed now, not abuse!

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An increasing amount of postings seem to be very negative. Is this symptomatic of the Norwich support these days? I was brought up in Norwich and have followed city home and away for 45 years through good and bad times (7,000 gates under Lol Morgan was bad!). Looking objectively from afar I think the recent increase in negativity on this forum very sad, sometimes to the point of it being outright abuse that should not get past a moderator (i.e. the recent ''F**k off Marshall post'' which is a disgrace). When in a tight spot the team needs positive vocal support more than ever, especially the new management team, who all support Norwich incidentally. Success and failure in football is cyclical but positive support should be constant, especially when the team need it the most. Its easy to be a fair weather supporter. The players cannot hope to play well in an atmosphere of abuse and derision, but I believe they will respond to rousing support - I suggest good support and good performances are inextricably linked (and vice versa). Lets have more positivity please, even if City go down something positive will come of it eventually I have no doubt. Is your glass half full or half empty??

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