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Swifty McVeigh

We will DEFINATELY stay up.....

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After reading a few old gripes on here, there are a few whichh are becoming slightly annoying. Lets look at the facts.

We will not finish below 15th. No chance.

Why you cry ?

WE WERE THE BEST TEAM IN DIVISION 1 BY A MILE LAST YEAR. We have now improved as a squad. Bolton, Man City, Portsmouth, Palace, WBA, Everton, Fulham to name a few are all RUBBISH. Name me one decent player they have signed since last season. Out of all of them.

Charlton, Birmingham and Middlesbro'' are mediocre at best.

We''ve now paid our dues. I repeat, WE HAVE NOW PAID OUR DUES. No more Gillingham away on a wednesday night losing 1-0''s. Fleming bullet headers ruled out for pushing in injury time.

We are gonna do fantasticlly this year, I''m sure the players believe it - but do the fans ?
If you aim to finish 4th from bottom you WILL be relegated. We should be looking at Mid-Table - we won''t emulate what the Binmen achieved but we will be a Leicester side managed by O''Neill in the late Ninety''s...

Certainly not the Players, the Management, or Me....

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