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How concerned should we be?

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Man City, have indicated that they may be prepared to sell Huckerby, if the price is right. They are clearly hoping two or three clubs will show interest in Hucks and start a bidding war so they get top dollar for their man, who seems to have no future at the club.

Who can blame Man City for this approach? They are £50M in debt with a £35M wage bill. Keegan has been told that there are no further funds available for transfers, unless they are funded from previous disposals and he needs to cut his wage bill.

Norwich should be equally concerned at making an early bid as they know Man City are likely use this to hawk around the market to other clubs in order to get top price for their man.

Big problem, I hear you say? Well, no, perhaps not, because there is one crucial factor in the whole equation, Darren Huckerby himself.

If we take Darren at his word, and he genuinely wants to play for Norwich, Man City can agree whatever transfer fee they like with Wigan, Millwall or any other club for that matter. However, if the player doesn''t want to sign for the club in question, their is little Man City or any potential bidding club can do about it.

If you think all this is a little far fetched, just cast your minds back to the summer with Rob Hulse''s transfer from Crewe. They accepted no end of offers from various clubs, only for the player to fail to agree personal terms.

Player power is paramount here. Darren has lived the Norwich dream for the past two months. Man City''s hand may not be as strong as they are making out. Other clubs may be interested, but, at the end of the day, if Darren really wants it to happen at Norwich, he will have the ultimate say.

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