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Rudolph Hucker


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As the debate rages following the government''s announcement it has given the go ahead for a third runway at Heathrow Airport Gordon Brown moved to placate environmentalists, local protesters and dissidents from his own party by announcing the controversial strip of tarmac is to be named as ''Glenn Roeder Way.''

''I wanted to name it after Mr. Roeder because like him it leads everywhere and yet, nowhere,'' said the PM to a packed house at PMQ''s, ''it has a sense of truly being in transit.''

Greenpeace spokesperson Mary Rugg has criticised the move saying ''Is this meant to somehow appease us? Glenn Roeder Way is a disaster for local people and clearly compatible with a sustainable future. The local environment might never recover.''

Glenn Roeder himself was today reported to be ''flattered and delighted.'' He told waiting reporters outside his mobile home on the A14 Newmarket Bypass Services. ''I am please to put my name to such an important project which will bring people in. Bringing new people in is something I am all in favour of. I just hope Terminal Six has some nice revolving doors.

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