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stability Required

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I think when Roeder first walked in to the club he broke a fundamental rule of football, all clubs need stability. If you listen to his hero Wenger he is a big fan of stability, and yet when Roeder walked in to Norwich he sacked everybody including the kit man, the only people he kept were people on long contracts and yes men. In my view this was his downfall, if you rip the spine out of anything it normally falls apart, letting people like Hucks go when it was quite clear that he still had at least another good season in him, Roeder could have used the money on the second rule of a good team, build from the back. Even though Kennedy done well he had a history of injuries, Roeder in my view should have pushed the boat out and spent the majority of his money on two decent defenders and a tough tackling central defender. Lastly I beleive he had far too many young loan signings, experience is required in the Championship with a fine balance of youth, however ven though I am a keen watcher of the Academy side I do not beleive there are any players there that are going to break in to the first team, the only one at the moment that would cause problems is Luke Daley as he is a very quick lad and defender hate people running at them at speed, the rest are a long way off.



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