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The Huckerby Delusion

Definitive Answers

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I realise this is a time of uncertanty at the club, we''ve been under performing for a few years now, having gone through managers the way Ipswich town fans go through baths (i.e: one a year).All of us love our club, and hold Gunny Chippy and Deehan in the highest regard, but doubts remain, can a rookie manager and a guy who''s been sunning him self in the company of convicts down under really turn our club round, can they lead us back to the promised land of the Prem?Worry not fellow fans, I have the answer!5 minutes ago I asked my lucky magic 8 ball if Gunny would succeed, Not a moments pause before "yes" flashed up.feeling bouyed I asked will norwich be promoted in the next 3 seasons? "a certanty" it replyed.I am not one to post rumors or gossip, I just thought you''d like to know.O.T.B.C!

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