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Why Roeder should play Drury & Lappin v Charlton

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1.  Drury is a better

defender than Bertrand – and Bertrand is off form at the moment.

2.  By playing Drury

he cannot play Lappin at left back; Lappin is NOT a great left back

3.  By playing Lappin

in his proper position of left midfield we might get some decent crosses into

the box (something that was missing on Saturday) especially from corners and

set pieces.

4.  Both players are experienced full time City players who have a

lot to prove – and boy, does Roeder need players like that at the moment.

5.  Lappin’s situation

has been done to death on this message board recently – but at the very least

Roeder might get him off the books until the end of the season. If he played really

well we would of course accept Roeder’s explanation that it was a “one off” but

there’s a half chance someone might come in for him on terms acceptable to all

parties. If he played badly Pattison could easily cover as sub.

6.  Even if I am wrong

about the merits of these players; we need to avoid injuries over the next

couple of months at all costs and surely it is better to risk these peripheral

players in the Cup than the likes of Fotheringham, Betrand, and Pattison whom Roeder

clearly sees as key to our survival in the league?

On the other hand he could just name both players as substitutes

(he may need numbers on the bench) but refuse to use Drury (unless Bertrand

takes a bad knock) and Lappin (unless there’s no-one else left)

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On Canary Call on Saturday the subject of loan clubs putting pressure on us to pick their players reared its head again.

Can''t prove it of course but I can''t think of any other explanation for some of Roeder''s team selections.


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Your number 6 just to let you know, he only plays Fozzy when he has too (i.e saturday when Patty and Rusty where unavalible) He will not play Lappin, He also likes Bertrand too much to drop him, i would love to see Drury and Lappin playing, but it aint gunna happen (mabey Drury, but not Lappin)

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