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Pete Raven

Norwich City 0, Real Mallorca 1

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Ward was mugged by a quickly taken free-kick - he was at one corner organising his wall, whilst this was going on, the Mallorca player put the ball in the other corner.

Francis was MOTM.

Helveg strolled it - he was different class.

Hucks came on in second half and looks as fit as a fiddle.

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My reflections on the game, for what they are worth:

I agree Peter, Helveg looked so comfortable and, dare I say it, very classy!

Hucks did look fit. Can''t wait to see him and Bentley on the pitch at the same time. (Pacemaker needed!) Where did he get that tan - Hucks that is?

Charlton had pace and worked well with Flem. He even won some headers by showing good timing, and generally marshalled his line well.

Francis looked stronger than last season and seemed to cover more ground.

Holty had a slightly quiet game by his standards; Drury and Flem were as dependable as ever.

Svenny and Jarvis didn''t really seem to work together. I would have liked to see Svenny and McKenzie together for a while, but I guess Worthy had his reasons for the starting line-up.

WLY showed glimpses of what he can do and probably had our best chance of the first half.

Bentley looked a great prospect - so much skill and belief. I liked the way that he switched the play with ease if nothing seemed to be on around him.

Considering he had only just arrived here the day before Darren Ward looked more than decent. He made one very good save from long range in the first half and seemed to command his area well.

Yes - we got caught out by a quickly-taken free-kick. (Take note: the Spaniards always left someone irritatingly close to the ball when we wanted to take a quick free-kick and were pathetically slow to retreat the regulatory distance (?), thus preventing the same from happening to them).

Overall, though, I thought we passed the ball around well and looked comfortable with our patterns of play. Just would have been nice to have created a bit more, but it was extremely hot out there and everyone was keen to come off unscathed. From my point-of-view it was just great to see the guys out there again and see some footie instead of just talking about it!!!

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