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I'll always be a fan...

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But the turmoil of the last few seasons has turned me into an oblivious supporter really. I don''t sit and listen/watch the games anymore like I used to. I live in Belgium and used to come over every couple of weeks, even had a season ticket without being able to watch every game. My nephew used to go in my place.

This crap has just made me read the Edp and the posts on this site. But I can''t bear to listen to the commentary anymore. Probably because I can''t relate to the players or the club anymore like I used to. I may sound as an old g** but I''m only 29, that says a lot doesn''t it? I''ll never support another club, but won''t be buying too many replicas anymore!

Whatched the 1992-''93 video a few months ago and thought. What has happened, do we need a Russian or an American too?

Definitely not Plonkers as Delia or Rodent!

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