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First Wizard

Gary Pallister

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Now, the wizard is an old and wise man, and should''nt let this get him down. But alas, it has.

To what or whom do I refer?. Garry Pallister on Sky Sports live before, during and after our brave lads sterling performance at the ''threatre of dreams'' yesterday, thats what.

When asked how he rated our chances, he laughed, and said we would not trouble United at all. Oh yeah Garry?. He was condensending, taking the micky all the time out of city, and so bloody biased, it was ridiculous, so much so that I nearly blew my TV up with a explosion spell!.

A pox be upon him and his like, and a plague of warts & boils for good measure. City did us proud, they will survive, and better still, will make smug and arrogant g***s like him, choke on their over inflated egos, and ignorant views.

Here endeth rant!.

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