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Pete Raven

Sunderland beamback

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i have thought about it peter, for both games, crewe i haven''t got enough stubs, plus have something else on in the morning and sunderland, can''t take time off work

i really don''t go for these beam back occasions, have been to a few over the years (if not beam back, sky matches) and there is just no atmosphere, and if there is, it gets stopped and we get told to sit down etc

i know older people go who need to sit down, and usually in the barclay we can stand up for the match, but it is like listening to the match via roy waller or canaries world (both of which make me incredibly nervous!!)

if ...... however plenty of the pink un posters were there, maybe we could make it a bit more interesting, so how many of you on here are going - maybe you can persuade me

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