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Reading this article about Dhinsa''s interest at Coventry got me thinking:



Jojar Dhinsa last night confirmed plans for a takeover of his hometown club. The 29-year-old Dhinsa is the chairman and chief executive of the Reading-based Athlone Group whose fortune is reported to stand at £40m, and is being backed in part by a consortium of Russian oil tycoons. He intends to open talks with the City chairman, Mike McGinnity, at the end of the season with a view to completing his buy-out within the next year.

"Roman Abramovich put £150m to £200m into Chelsea, and there''s no reason why we can''t match that or even beat it," Dhinsa said. "I see no reason why we can''t be challenging at the top of the Premiership or in European competitions within the next two or three years."

The takeover would hinge on completion of the new 32,500-seater stadium, the centre-piece of the £113m Coventry Arena development being built in the Foleshill area of the city where Dhinsa grew up.

"I had contemplated involvement at Leeds and also Leicester," he added. "But Coventry is my home town, and I''m passionate about the club as well as the city as a whole.

"Football clubs have to be run sensibly like any other business, but it''s the passion of the fans which ultimately counts."


Now that made me wonder how you could be ''passionate'' about your hometown club, but still consider investing somewhere else.

Isn''t that like being a devout Christian but still interested in participating in other religions. Its mutually exclusive isn''t it?

And that''s before we consider the chameleon-like Colin Davey!


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It makes me laugh when I hear about clubs wanting to build huge new stadiums when they can only half fill there current ones. It was barely 3/4 full when top of the league Canaries visited earlier this season. Even if they did get promoted they''d do a Blackburn and still get nobody going to see them. They''d also be hard pushed to actually spend that money as no player worth anything would want to play in that dump of a city!

another good point is what would happen if every single club in the countrygets a Russian Bilionaire trying to take them over!!! That''s all I ever hear at the moment. And how many russian billionaires are there? They''re everywhere, except Russia it seems.

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football is the best thing on this planet i would say its like a religion really cause most people who supports anyteam prays for them to win anyway so i would say yes

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