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Making Plans

Bye Bye Binners

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pretty good stuff nige

but what about the poor things, ahh, i really feel so sorry for them, making their way home after such a disappointment, i remember what it was like for us after cardiff, the feeling of absolute emptiness, the knowledge that your rival fans would all take the proverbial out of you at work the next day

and as for sheepshanks, what will he do know, he has already sold his soul - what is next?

sorry ipswich, but if you cannot sell out your ground for such an important match, you can only dread the future, the future is not bright, and it is not premiership, it is going to be a long, long hard struggle, bent and bowditch will go, anyone else with any talent, and the fans will all fight each other - we know, we have been there

and what makes it worse is that we will be in the prem, we may not win as many games next year, but at least we will be there and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to take that away from us, having said that i am gutted we won''t have the pleasure of two great derby matches next year, what fantastic days they were this season

i do feel genuinely sorry for the people that i know who are true ipswich fans, but to the likes of joe royle who always insisted that his team were "different class"

quite right joe - we are premiership, you are first division :-)

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