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silver fox

Don't change a winning side Glen unless you have to

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The old saying that you shouldn''t change a winning side was certainly applicable to yesterday''s game.  We had just beaten Barnsley and in my opinion we should have stuck with Evans and Cureton up front, and Pattison and Gibbs in midfield.  Starting with Dublin and Fotheringham did nothing to improve the side as they both had poor games, whereas the introduction of Evans and Pattison gave Blackpool a lot more to think about.

In this league you need to play the same team as often as possible so they get used to playing with each other.  I think Glen has done a brilliant job, but every so often he changes things when they don''t need changing.  I know he is still experimenting with different players, but it is interesting that our two recent defeats have come about when he has changed things;  switching croft to the left against Leicester, and yesterday''s starting line up.

I know we don''t see the players in training like Glen does, but we do see when it isn''t working on the pitch and needs to be changed.  Over the years of watching football rarely have I seen a player who is clearly having an off day, improve by being kept on the pitch. 

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