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Big positives for NCFC

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Nutty Nigel - A team needs it''s supporters like you when the club is down doesn''t it? Anybody can support a top 4 club?

From an outsiders point of view, why don''t you consider some of the following potential positives for the 2008 season, to keep you going through the dark days of winter?

After you''ve pulled clear of relegation as you will, enjoy the rest of the season and settle for a mid table position.

Celebrate the fact, that you''ve probably acquired a Premiership manager, with a good track record How did it feel 10 weeks ago, not a bad turn around eh?

With Roeder''s ability, shouldn''t you be expecting good in''s and out''s in the summer transfer market, once he has had time to assess the squad, even if they are further loans.   




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