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yellow hammer

NCFC limericks

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A man from West Ham called Grant
Took lessons in management from a plant.
''If you stand fairly still
Your opponent, too, will''.
He thought he could coach, but he can''t.

* * *

Two guys named Smudger and Cluck
Cried ''Norwich are down on their luck.
It''s time for a delegation
If we''re to avoid relegation
But real fans just don''t give a damn''.

* * *

I hope that Mr. A. Turner
Turns out to be a fast learner.
That to build up the squad
Is a message from God
All else goes on the back-burner.

* * *

Mumby gave Roeder some grief
Coz at Carra he is the big chief,
''Without any money,
Take us to the land of milk and honey
Or your tenure will be rather brief.

* * *

A TV cook by the moniker of Deals
Was famous for easy-made meals,
But off-field investing
She found more interesting
Ignoring our well-meaning appeals.

* * *


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