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just a note on players on trial

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they cant play competitve games.

We cant sign them permanently till january/the summer if contracted to a club.

 if not attached to a club they are then free transfers, obviously we are covering ourselves with the option of taking them on a trial first, and as has been mentioned here by someone else we can off them a short term deal... would a trialist accept that? i imagine theyd be wanting long Term deals.

Lets get players in trial by all means, but lets not get too excited just yet... Remember in the summer the club normally offers trials to many players.. we hear nothing about them after the 2 week spell when they depart.

we need loans, and if we are going to rely on a player currently unattached to a club then Roeder''s going to need to take a Punt... is Matt Jansen on a free? im sure Blackburn Released him after his car accident a while back.. if he is fit enough he could do a job, same with Malcolm Christie

jas :)

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