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All we can do is hope Watford are really that good.

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Well not so good last night, was it. I waited to post this until now as I wanted to have a good think about what I saw last night and it''s never good to post in anger.

We were, well we were out played. All over the park. Midfield pair were out battle. Still very doubtful that they are a good partnership. To limited, very similar in the roles they want to do. Russell tries very hard and attempts to get forward but lack of pace and strength is his downfall. Brellier, well not impressed again last night. Just lacks presence and pace, poor distribution. I just don''t think he''ll cut it.

Defence was poor both fullbacks struggled and Shackel failed to win enough headers. Taylor got man of the match and I think that was about right. He looks solid enough.

Chadwick did ok again. By far our most attacking threat. He need to get fit. The young Chelsea lad Smith did nothing and was never in the game. Looked light weight and was clearly told early on by Clark to stop show boating with silly flicks. Good we don''t need that!

Front Pair. Awful in my view. Hartson, well he''s easy to sum up. Immobile, static and a luxury (because he can header) that we can''t afford. Send him home. Cureton, Offside, wasteful and disjointed. He must start to make more of his opportunities to set up others and he need to link up much better with other attacking players.

Subs, Martin is a good footballer you can see that when the ball is at his feet. Lacks any sort of pace. Unfortunately that is god for a player of his height. He is a good player but where to play him with his lack of pace will always be a dilemma. Croft, huff and puff as ever and he netted. We all know what we get from Crofty, problem is the final ball is rarely good enough. Brown, not good enough I say and was on a hiding to nothing coming on against defenders of that quality and power.

So is it all doom and gloom?

Well maybe, maybe not. They are top of the league, they are by far the most powerful team I''ve seen for a while at Carrow Road and they are going to win this league. Ipswich however were 4th in the league when we played them on Sunday and we created plenty of chances against them.

Truth is we have to hope that Watford are the real deal and that the majority of this league are no better if not worse than Ipswich.

We must tighten up at the back, too many weak goals conceded of late and we need become more clinical up front. But we still have that Ipswich performance to cling on to.

So here''s hoping

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