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Old Yellow Bird

Dear Glenn

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Dear Glenn,

Welcome to Norwich City.  You haven''t fallen into a bed of roses - and the following tips might prove useful in dealing with the thorniest bits:

1.   Most fans are OK about your appointment, but they want to reserve judgement.  No going overboard or singing your praises yet.  It''s not that we''re hard to please, but remember, we''ve had a bad time (starting from the relegation game at Fulham).

2.  Use your man management skills to sort the squad asap.  They are currently a shambles at all levels and desparately need your direction to give them the confidence to start winning.

3.  The selection of a team captain is vital for long-term stability.  If you think we don''t have a natural leader, bring one in.

4.  Many of us fans would really appreciate a return to the open door policy at Colney. 

5.  Don''t let the moaners and boo boys and girls get to you.  They''ve had a field day recently.  The best way to quieten them down is to give us some decent football to cheer about - at home and away.  A few glimpses of this at Carrow Road on Sunday would be welcome.  

6.  Don''t promise us anything you can''t deliver.

7.  We really want to remember what supporting a winning team feels like.  We hope for all our sakes, and yours, that this is now possible.

Good luck, and best wishes!


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