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ross welsh

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Hi Guys

Been a while since I had a little rant so here goes...

Some of you are saying about a protest before the Ipswich game.... NOT A GOOD IDEA!, any protest of any kind BEFORE a game is just wrong... get behind the team, we need all the support at the moment and a protest before the game just is the wrong way to boost morale. Im certainly not saying that the board dont deserve to hear our frustration but before the ipswich game..... mmm wait for another game please.

The manager issue... Well its certainly taking time.. the players have come out and said that they want the matter sorted now and not later... maybe we are waiting for jewell to return from his holiday.. can you all honestly think he will come to a side where we are bottom of the league.. 3 points behind QPR who have a game in hand, by the look of things theres not much money to spend... , maybe he will want to take on a BIG task?... end of the day on paper we do have some quality players. But whoever does take control all the luck in the world to them... its not going to be an easy job. fingers crossed it will be jewell though!

The Board... well I think you can all agree when I say Delia has done alot for the club... however I really hope the turners become majority shareholders... inject more money.. or maybe an outside source? the club needs to move forward and at the moment its just not going to happen, I dont know exactly what needs to change up the top... but it needs a change for sure.... Doncaster...Munby? but someone is calling the shots... Bryan gunn and Jim Duffy on the bench? I would rather Dion being the main man! but the board have a big decision to make... this cant go on much more... ( just a quick thought) money seems to be spent more on Delia''s and Yellows of late... is this really going to help Norwich ?

John Hartson... alot are saying on radio and here that it was a bad idea to get him in... im sorry but i dont agree... We done the right thing by giving him a month to prove his fitness, ok he''s not as fit as we like... but if we can get the ball to his feet and chest etc then we have a good chance of scoring!.

New Norwich shirt for season ticket holders.... well I got my letter today telling me how I can have this shirt rah rah rah... well to be honest the club can stick it!... esp when they are making poor decisions with the money they have... I have renewed my ticket AGAIN this season and im not seeing a return back!. I read that we may not get the shirt until feb 2008... well the shirt runs out at the end of the season!! Nice idea Norwich however if circumstances were different maybe I would buy one ?? but when nobody at the club seems to be giving a flying fcuk whats going on I certainly wont be!


Im gonna stop now as I have man flu and need to get more tissue lol, but please reply to this... im also on myspace so give me a shout if u fancy a rant lol




Ross Welsh

Season ticket holder , lower barclay


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Ross Welsh hey - Mitch here, some valid points in there mate and whoever takes over is going to have to be responsible for getting a load of average footballers to play for one another and get a winning mentality into their heads. The likes of Ostembor, Lappin, Jarvis Brothers, Brown & Chadwick are just simply not upto the job mate, then you have the likes of Brellier Fotheringham Smith & Strivhaka (imo looks the best out of an average bunch) who cannot be judged yet and then we have Cureton Shackell (should never have been captain) Drury Croft & Russell who all would raise their games if they had better players around them. Marshall Dublin and Hucks are a different class although Hucks yet to find his form this year.

Agree with protest and lets not Ipswich have any more laughs at our expense i know if it would have been the other way round and i was at Portaloo Rd i would never have forgotten the day i got their only to see their own supporters protesting on a derby day.

On the Ball City!!!!!!!!   

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