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  1. Ross Welsh hey - Mitch here, some valid points in there mate and whoever takes over is going to have to be responsible for getting a load of average footballers to play for one another and get a winning mentality into their heads. The likes of Ostembor, Lappin, Jarvis Brothers, Brown & Chadwick are just simply not upto the job mate, then you have the likes of Brellier Fotheringham Smith & Strivhaka (imo looks the best out of an average bunch) who cannot be judged yet and then we have Cureton Shackell (should never have been captain) Drury Croft & Russell who all would raise their games if they had better players around them. Marshall Dublin and Hucks are a different class although Hucks yet to find his form this year. Agree with protest and lets not Ipswich have any more laughs at our expense i know if it would have been the other way round and i was at Portaloo Rd i would never have forgotten the day i got their only to see their own supporters protesting on a derby day. On the Ball City!!!!!!!!   
  2. I''ve still got a coathanger mouth, that was tops!!!!!!!!
  3. A 7 year old boy decides to challange a court judging. The judge ask''s the young boy "why don''t you want to go and live with your mum or your dad?" the little boy replies "well sir both of them beat me regularly and i''ve had enough". Ok says the judge "in this case we will allow you to live with your next of kin in this case being your auntie" "no no not my auntie" replies the boy "she beats me more than mum & dad". "Ok well it will have to be your grandmother" the judge details "no no please sir, she really beats me badly, more than you could imagine" the young boy pleads. "Can i please pick where i want to live Sir, please please?" the boy asks, the judge replies "well legally i cannot allow that however i am going to make a special allownace for you on this occasion - where do you want to live then?" "Well Sir i want to live with Norwich City - they never beat anyone"  
  4. Oxo have realesed a new cube, it''s yellow n green and they''ve called it - THE LAUGHING STOCK!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Joe Royal - if appointed i will have a season ticket for sale for £1
  6. From what was such a postive place to be 3 years ago, everything was rosey (other than waiting for our 1st win of the premiership season) how has everything gone horribly wrong since that day in west london. I don''t believe we are in a crisis however in order for this club to be transformed back into a club that can push for a promoton challange the change has got to start from the top. I''m sure that some of you may tell me otherwise, but my sources tell me that Doncaster was once being brought up under the guidance of a real businessman Peter Riesdale (yeah right) originally an accountant who works on figures and not realism. He then fell on his feet in Norwich and with no other contender became Cheif Executive ok fair play whatever wage he is on give him credit for getting the job. Ever since, this guy has hid behind his job title, by ignoring the questions that we all want answering, seems to be involved in transfer deals that effected the club in a negative manor i.e. Earnie & Etuhu and yet when we have players on our books that are young full of potentail we get the offer in and off they go i.e Green Ashton where are the best interests of the club (figures again), lack of incoming players over the past 3 years. As a chief executive surely seeing the decline of the club from that day in West London why did it take a further 20 months to remove a manager that had lost ideas on moving the playing team forward, why would any C/E allow that much time if a department in his business was failing so badly (attempt to save money for figure purposes). If there was to be a new investor come in surely a new C/E would need appointing the guy is a failure he was under the guidance of a guy who destroyed a club yet we are watching it unfold right under our eyes. The guy is a joke and can continue progressing at Cardiff if he wish. Delia has lacked ambition for me ever since the day we got promoted, i appreciate it''s her hard worked cash that may have been put forward and having failed to stay up she would have lost her investment but nothing just a few to sherries too many to get her face back on the tele. I like delia being on the board but as a majority shareholder not enough unfortunately delia''s cash is nothing in the world of football nowadays, the likes of Peter Cullum (if true) or the Turners are financially in a better position to take this club forward from this position. A new manager will obviously bring his own players and coaches with him as did Grant - the people responsible for appointming have got to make a decision that they have to stick by which means experience is required which you have to pay for weekly (sorry doncaster another outgoing for you to sort out), it has to be someone that attracts players i.e. sharpe eastwood''s etc... to take us on. To brief - sack Doncaster, lets hope for a big investor asap and employ Paul Jewell tomorrow morning.  
  7. GB1902 wrote the following post at 05/10/2007 3:46 PM: Listened to the scrimmage last night and Goreham (or one of the radio norfolk dogsbodies) rang up Cullums people before the show and they stated he had no interest in investing in Norwich at all. They just said he was a fan and like everyone else was slightly concerned by the current events at the club...   Not that i''m saying that this is going to happen - but surely if a guy from a local radio station phoned his company and spoke to one of his employees he would not expect them to either know whether that he had an interest in a future business or if they did, certainly not to confirm the interest over a radio broadcast.  
  8. Whilst browsing the BBC site today i come across this post on the 606 your say forum and thought it would be worth posting on the real forum site. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A27602228   I''m sure you will all find interesting but i do not know how realiable the source is. Your comments would be appreciated.
  9. Need to score goals to win games Scrumpy - Big Dave to the rescue hopefully.
  10. I am concerned that we could be wasting the talents of a striker that could get us out of this torrid time. He came on for the last 30 mins of the Palace game grabbed the winner yet got dropped for the following game. We go to Wolves away they start him up top, the defence and midfiled between them couldn''t pass the ball out of our half so had no chance what so ever, take him off after 60 mins having no service what so ever. Again he is the 1 dropped out of a real bad bunch and has only seen 14 minutes of football since. He scored our last goal and had no real chance since, he cost us almost a third of our transfer budget, looks techincal and scores goals yet on the bench why???? I hope Grant gives him a chance on Monday in a 4-4-2 formation from the start!!!!!!  
  11. Pickle with all due respect to ya and i would encourage any young Norwich City fan to be the same, but some of us have been through a very similar stage 10 years ago. I recall sitting in Carrow Road one very cold Tuesday evening watching City grind out a 0-0 draw aganist a very poor Grimsby side with City players all wearing gloves and playing slighty worse than what we are now imo. I''m sure there is people out there who could tell ya more stories about dire City days and what i''m fearing is that we are currently in the situation again. I''m all behind city all the way Pickle but when your paying £450 a season ticket and not getting value for money it''s only very natural to get frustrated of what is unfolding in front of our eyes. These are players that earn money that you will only ever dream off, money doesn''t always motivate but is shouldn''t take a 14 year old boy blowing horns and trumpets for them to create a decent chance or even to score a goal. I will keep an eye out for ya on Tues but please mate don''t turn up in the shirt, shorts and socks you will freeze of boardam! 
  13. I''m with Ginger Pele - Brown should never start upfront again for City, we have two strikers in our squad that were top goalscores in their respective leagues last year - goalscores, it''s easy they start, if they score they play, Strihavka and Cureton up top. Norwich look best when Hux is in full flow on the left, he starts left midfiled. No goals coming from center midfield Grant says not enough passing and imo no killer balls, simple 1 defensive mid and 1 attacking, attacking role goes to Martin spreads the ball nicely remindes me of the way Crook used too, will look to get involved with attacks and scores goals as we all know, he starts. Defensive probably Russell experienced works hard and does break up play often. Right midfielder i would play Ozzy tomorrow, he will get forward and we won''t be so exposed at the back breaks with pace although distrubtion not the best would probably bring Croft on with 30 mins to go. Imo two center halves played well enough to be credited another chance they start, thought Murray looked alot more composed than Shackell does, left back Drury, starting too look his old self again in an side that lacks confidence and not many postives coming out of performances but he looks solid again, Russell would help out on the occasions when Hux don''t chase back. Right back would go to R jarvis or Cave Brown, R Jarvis has played really well and doesn''t deserve to be dropped so may give him the nod nor does Spillane for that matter but life ain''t fair sometimes. Marshall in goal. Subs Gilks Dublin Croft Lappin Spillane Sometimes simple is the way forward and i''ve tried keeping it simple as i can, 4-4-2 at home never fails, not the formation we see on Saturday.
  14. Has anyone caught the programme on Sky Sports 1 this evening, for those that haven''t managed to catch it, the programme starts by focusing on this weekends Championship Sky game and in particular Norwich. They interview PG, Doncaster and a little chat with Cureton but the reasoning for the focus, is following this weeks financial figures being made public and Nowich having failed to make the use of the parachute payments to their advantage and find themselves struggling on and off the pitch. Following the report they get the opinions of both Dave Bassett and Ian Taylor and for me Ian sums it by saying that if you have the money you must buy quality and as we have posted and discussed, the signings Worthy made were far from what was required. Dave Bassett went on to mention the difficult job Pete Grant is facing, we have to remember that it wasn''t PG who wasted the payments and helped in the cause of our decline. The finger still points at our previous manager Worthy and the board and it now leaves us waiting for either the Turners to caugh up, a serious investment from an outsider or for PG to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the transfer market to move this club forward otherwise we may face another 10 year loan agreement to the Championship and possibly longer. We have 31 games left lets get behind the players and manager and help towards driving our club forward, any protests left to after the game and aimed at the board imo. COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!!!!!!!!!! 
  15.                      Marshall Ozzy   Doherty   Murray   Lappin Croft   Russell   Spillane   Hucks             Strihavka   Cureton Subs:   Gilks, R Jarvis, Brellier, Brown, Martin   
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