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Delias Buns

This morning I consider myself delighted

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And not a bit of sarcasm either! Today is (yet again) the beginning of a new era for Norwich City Football Club. The new manager is respected throughout the football industry and is sure to capture the respect from the players, something which we desperately need. I for one think that towards the end of the Grant era and definately throughout the short Duffy period, respect was lacked from all corners. Today is the day that the players will WANT to start playing football again for themselves, for the new manager and for us supporters.

Now I suggest that instead of moaning about Roeder''s appointment, we all give him and the players a huge cheer come 12.45 Sunday and show the country why we are the best supporters in the league and why we deserve to be competing with the best teams in the league.

Please, show some optimism and belief towards our beloved club!!!


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