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Kids for a quid...

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Students for a fiver...

Adults £10.00

That is what the silly posters read for the upcoming Plymouth match...

Are we really getting that desperate now???

Doncaster & Co were telling us that they had NO PROBLEM selling season tickets a few short weeks ago....  What''s gone wrong Neil???

Your sad little posters in the club shop window make you look even more foolish than ever (yep I know who would of thought it possible?)

As for "Never been to a game before?" and "Want to give it a try?"

To one and all I seriously advise you not too... It will almost certainly put you off attending football for life!

The funniest bit has to be what they imply at the end of their posters.... "HURRY while seats still available"

What a laugh... they can''t even give them away!!!!

WE ARE AN UTTER JOKE at the moment without the board advertising the fact.

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