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Saturday; cruelty and verdict.

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Saturday 20th October, 2007. The date that I, as well as many others I suspect, felt the biggest sense of disapointment and cruelty since that day at Fulham.

The relief when we scored was almost tangible, and i think we all thought that if anyone was likely to win it from that point, it was us.

Doherty missing at the back was a blow (yes, really), we looked a complete mess, and it''s no coincidence that actually, for the first time this season at home at least, that our back 5 looked like incapable of doing their job. The loss of Drury obviously didn''t help.

Hartson; hit or miss? He looked good for 10 minutes, but after that he looked more likely to win WeightWatchers slimmer of the month than scoring. I didn''t realise he was that, well big?

The 131st central mindfield partneship of the past 2 years failed miserably to make an impression, and Bristol''s midfield were made to look like Kaka and Roy Keane. Oh, and how did Russell get MOTM? Either his mom was match sponsor, or one Norfolk businessman was clearly drinkin'' what Delia was on when she asked directions to Letsby Avenue.

One positive from the game, Duffy failed his interview. They won''t appoint him now. I have nothing against the man, and I actually hope he stays when the new guy is appointed, but we need a proven manager, not PG''s feckin'' assistant!

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