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updated norwich odds of manager

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wouldnt let me paste it but here linky

who would you think do job out of those manager?

iv gone with

jewell - dont think you''ll get though

bruce - same as jewell - maybe end of season if blues down

allen - the hard manager you may need - but doesnt stay club long enough ever

mike newell - give him time did good job at luton but forced sell his assetts when promoted

taylor - i like, give him time although doubt he''ll be back just yet

penney - good shout, but is this too high standard for him?

pearson - good ass man, good job temp man of wba - worth a gamble?

ling - i like as outsider

tilson - suprised he so low, done mighty job at southend but were they a one man team?

ince - good, but is it to soon? only manager a yr and took over mk summer! travelling is angaist this move

keegan - one man you would like out of retirement is keegan - would be the move if you could secure him, least be entertained as well

collins - good manager, turned down qpr, so guessing wouldnt come! this is type manager you should go for although you lot we be angaist the whole scottish theme i presume

delia smith 10000/1 - LETS BE AVIN YOU


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So how does Pearson being a good ass man make him suitable, I also am a connoisseur of the female derriere but it doesn''t make me qualified to manage a football team!

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