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James Long

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I just thought i would say on here that after someone i know got me the latest edition of Y''Army for for the game today (Cardiff) and that it is absolutely superb and a compliment should be given to the editors responsible for putting it together. I have bought before today 3 of the previous 7 and they were good aswell and the latest one shows that it is fantastic with it getting bigger and better and hopefully it can go on for a long time unlike before where the club didn''t have one for ages. The genuine articles, the Ip****h experience, canary carols, the illustrations, letters etc all fantastic and superb.
Also for the Darren Huckerby send off the Barclay and Snakepit like always were superb but today (Cardiff) were really exceptional and with Huckerby giving a fantastic display on his swansong? they returned their gratitude and hopefully he will have fond memories. This seemed to raise the morale of the players aswell and the performance was seemed to merit it. Also I''m not slating other areas of the ground but the Barclay and Snakepit were really good and hopefully will give Huckerby a lasting impression. (I am sitting in the N+P temporarily until the new Stand is opened)
On The Ball City

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