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  1. Carrow Road attendance on Wednesday night will be an amazing ........... 0 We go to St. Andrews not they come to Carrow Road!
  2. Basically its really complicated but believe me, we have qualified. Groups 1-3 have 7 teams each, Group 4-8  6 teams each. Now there are 8 automatic top spots and the 2 best runners up get automatic entry to Germany from Europe plus the 3 Play off winners. Because Groups 1-3 have 7 teams, to make it fair for the groups of 6 teams, the 2nd place teams of Groups 1-3 have their results against the 7th placed team removed. Czechs had 24 points, England 19pts before yesterdays game. But when considering Group 1 has 7 teams to be fairer for everyone, the Czechs lose their results against the 7th placed team who happen to be Armenia (and who the Czechs did the double over). So 6 points taken away and leaves them for this purpose on 18 points. England win took it to 22 points. The Czechs because of their unfair advantage are on 18 and lost to Holland. They need 4 points and only got one game. Romania now are 2nd in the group but they''ve completed their fixtures so can''t beat England who still have one. Czech''s also need to win their game on Wednesday to get a play off spot because a draw and they lose out to Romania based on the previous results thingy now in place between teams. Sweden are on 21pts in group 8 with the 3 points advantage over the Czech''s. 1 pt from them on Wednesday gives them 22 pts and whatever the Czech''s did would mean they couldn''t be caught.
  3. I have this feeling some of their fans are gunna try and sit in home areas of the ground!
  4. 2003-05 kit will always be legendary for me having seen Norwich win the 1st Division (and thus getting promoted) and playing in the Premiership and wearing the replica shirt of the team when in the Premiership (and the 1st time I''d ever watched Norwich in the Premiership after having gone for 8 years and seen Division 1 football). Granted we got relegated but it was the main shirt for the promotion season and the (and my 1st watching) Premiership season. That shirt I''ll probably treasure for the rest of my life (and hopefully more if there is better to come?).I also liked the design and agree that the yellow looked just right and the green blended in well I also think despite it being absolutely horrible the 92-94 kit is a classic after what we saw. The opening day at Highbury in 92, leading the Premiership, eventually finishing 3rd. Then wearing it the next season for the European adventure (well for 5 of the 6 games at least) and the memorable nights in Munich and back to Carrow Road against Bayern. Plus things like Goss''s goal against Leeds and the last goal in front of the old kop are one of the few highlights that make it quite a legendary and memorable  kit despite its ''yucky'' design.
  5. Sir Clive Woodward was actually a football fan when he was a kid and actually did say he wanted to be a footballer. But his parents sending him to private school and wanting him to be involved in Rugby is where he came into it. He is of course a big Chelsea fan (and it was before Mr A came in) and has attended in any spare time loads of Chelsea game. He said he probably knows the rules of football better than Rugby (well football ain''t hard to know the rules to compared to the technical rules names and everything involved in rugby which new audiences originally have trouble understanding like I did 5 years ago!). It may not have been excellent after that memorable night (day in the UK) in Sydney for him, but if you consider what he did and believed in before that WC win and what got them there then If he or anyone tries to use the technique (football style) then this could pay rich dividends for them. When I watched that documentary on the BBC about 3+ months after the WC win it showed exactly how everyone (Him, backroo staff, players in particular) had their part to play and how they prompt and certain strict rules set out and anyone breaking those in his eyes could'' cost England the World Cup''. He even took England down under during the summer break to New Zealand and Australia so the team could get used to playing there and amazingly they beat them both (and beat New Zealand in there back yard which ain''t easy). Grand Slam 6 nations, continuing world number 1 ranking, double down under, WC win all in one yr can''t be wrong. 
  6. I remember he scored that goal in that ''controversial'' (if your Italian) game of Sweden- Denmark at Euro 2004. Denmark were 2-1 up in the dying minutes and then he scored I remember and ironically the man marking him and who failed in preventing from scoring that goal was Thomas Helveg.
  7. This season C Palace- Barclay 1 Arsenal- N+P 1 Pompey- N+P 2 Everton- Barclay 2 (we changed ends that day so N+P 1st Half, Barclay 2nd) Blackburn- N+P 1 Southampton- 1 Barclay, 1 N+P Bolton- Barclay 1,  N+P 2 Liverpool- Barclay 1 (Changed ends) Middlesbrough- Barclay 1, N+P 3 WBA- Barclay 1, N+P 2 Man City- Barclay 2 Chelsea - N+P 2 Man Utd- N+P 2 Newcastle- N+P 2 Charlton- N+P 1 Brum- Barclay 1    
  8. Reading from what they said, the season ticket amount at CR is 20,250 and I think that when you present your ticket at the turnstile, the operator will of course press that clicker thing to say that you''ve gone through. Generally a ticket which is a stub and needs part of it removing will be kept over and when the attendance is totalled up this will be taken into account. Season Tickets go through the person presses the clicker, but with a ticket stub they''ll press the clicker and remove part of the stub and keep this over and so they know how many people haven''t gone through with a season ticket. This is probably how they work it out. Of course for cup games when its all ticket, the % amount can''t happen because their are no Season ticket holders using their ticket. e.g. Charlton. Their are 20,250 (approx) STH''s and with 97% this means that there were at least 19,642 season ticket holders in the ground.
  9. Good news as well that we don''t have to give away the trophy over to Ipswich because they can''t win the championship. God I have been dreading if we would of had to do that but at least they won''t be getting their mitts on it now. Sunderland will be worthy winners of it.
  10. I think the % thing has something to do with Season ticket holders in the ground on the match day.
  11. This is what I believe the capacity is. Barclay 6,125, N+P 5,799, GW City Stand 4,243 (that is definte amounts), Jarrold Stand 8,212= 24,379. Corner Infill 1,510= 25,889 and then the spaces for disabled which make capacity with them included at 26,034. Attendance does occur considering the amount of away fans, the segregation point (roughly 280 seats lost) and any possible empty seats from home fans and I did notice a very few yesterday where I sat.  Yesterday''s attendance was 25,459 and with roughly 430 seats (if my estimation on the Jarrold Stand and corner are correct) lost through those methods.
  12. I doubt it because he has lost a match and then can turn the odds against the manager. The only way he could would mean that every other team would have to lose a game this month.
  13. In a slight change from last nights brilliant, dramatic win, apparently a year ago tonight is when we clinched promotion to the Premiership after our 9 year wait. Anyone got any good memories of what they did that night, where they were etc? 
  14. Sorry If this has been mentioned allready and I haven''t noticed but has anyone noticed this about what I just found about our Queen of the club and ''that phrase''. From MSN News   18/4/2005 8:27:53 PM ( Source: PA)  Doves want Delia rant on new record   Delia Smith''s half-time rallying cry of "let''s be ''aving you" at a Norwich City match could be turned into a song by rock band Doves. The Manchester-based band has put in a request to sample Delia''s words with the aim of putting it on a new track. The band, who showed footage of the famous speech when they played the University of East Anglia in Norwich last month, told an internet entertainment site: "We''ve yet to get a reply from her office." Doves talk about Delia and their Norwich gig on their website. A message they have posted from Austin, Texas, in the US, said: "The last few UK dates went really well, especially Norwich. It was one of the best on tour! "The crowd were on top form and ... just before we came on for the encore, we ran that Delia Smith footage. Before we''d even shown the film, the crowd were chanting the Delia quote from the night ''Let''s be ''aving you'', so when the film started it went down very well! Nice one Delia!" If Delia declines their request for sampling, the band might get a soundalike to recreate the words. Delia''s "Where are you, let''s be ''aving you, we need a 12th man" cry hit the headlines after her outburst at Norwich City''s game against Manchester City at their Carrow Road ground in February.  
  15. I think thats a good thing because it shows all other clubs and particularly the selfish London Clubs that if they think they can do it to us when our fans actually do want tickets then they can be in line for the same treatment!
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