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Peter Grant played for Celtic when they lived in the shadow of Rangers. Rangers were dominent filled with ex Norwich players! Oh and some bloke from Ipswich. Grant joined Norwich and from what I remember he was pretty unimpresive. Now he has brought that mediocrity back to my beloved Norwich. He has no idea tactically nor does he appear to have any motivational skills. Please board get rid and try to find an old hand who can steady the ship whilst we find a manager who can take us forward. I''m sure that under the right leadership the current players are capable of keeping us up, about as much as we can hope for this season, whilst we build for next. The clamour for the board to go is counter productive as there is obviously no one waiting in the wings with the finacial resourses available to invest in the club, we just have to be realistic and hope they open their eyes and realise the state we are in before its too late. Please don''t yearn for Chase, that bloke started the rot, consign him to history.


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