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  1. Its so depressing, I saw my first match in 1956 when I was 8, saw most of the games in the cup run and have fond memories of getting promoted with the Saints now it looks like we are going back down with them. Charlton were the club we aspired to emulate, never did I think it would be by getting relegated to the old third. I was born in Suffolk but with green and yellow blood in my veins and I''ll die with it, there were not a lot of scum supporters if any, in the Lowestoft area until 1960 when suddenly they appeared! I wonder why? Now I live in Shropshire I want people to understand the hurt goes far beyond Norfolk,. The people who have let down some of the best and most loyal fans in the World, I hope they are ashamed.
  2. I am scared st*tless, it''s my 60''th Birthday in july and I can''t bear the thought of my team being back where they were when I first started supporting them (OK it was 3rd Division South but in my opinion its still the 3rd teir of English Football). Please let''s get through the next 5 games stay in the division and build a team for next saeson. How can a team with the second highest support in the division be in the position we are? Leeds and Forest are down there are we going the same way? It just does not make sense I don''t think sacking the board or the manager is the answer but God knows I wish I knew what it is especially when I see Ips**** seem to keep coming up smelling of roses.
  3. I don''t get to see the team as much as I would like nowadays but I do watch the Doc dispassionately when I do. He is an awful Championship defender! He is not a bad stopper but his distribution is terrible he seems unable to find a colleague with a pass just boots the aimlessly upfield usually to an opposition player which immediately puts the defence back under pressure. His positional sense is non existant. I would dealy love to see him do well as his commitment is not in doubt he just lacks talent!
  4. Dear Hook Norton Canary At least you know where you are going on that day, I''m torn, do I go on a teetotal trip to the match or on a brewery trip with my pub to: you''ve guessed it: Hook Norton? From what I''ve seen of the stadium from the M6 there does not seem much in the way of watering holes!  
  5. Jamie please don''t dispair, Darrel is fighting back please do the same, Fleckie and Paddon came back and done wonders, guys who played and love us enough to come back are special you will come good just keep the faith.
  6. Now on occasions thet I can visit carrow road I always stay ''til the end, when throughout the siities seventies and eighties whan I attented every home game I often left a little bit early if things were not going well ''cause I thought it was my fault! A real supporter looks at the signs i.e. the number of magpies seen, am I wearing the correct clothes? Did I eat the same breakfast as the last time we won? have I said somethinng really nasty about the scum ? Over the last 50+ plus years I feel am responsible for every defeat we''ve suffered! Thank God for Glen  the weight is beginning to lift from my shoulders!
  7. Just wanted to endorse the comments of the previous posters, Darren has got to be ranked alongside the greats I''ve seen in over 50 years of supporting the Canaries. Good luck with whatever you do Darren you will receive a huge reception when you join us supporters in the stands! 
  8. The first of my great Norwich City goalkeepng heros, as a kid in my home knitted green roll neck goalkeeper''s jersey I was Ken Nethercott when playing on the local meadow. In my opinion we have probably the best linage of goalkeepers in the league starting with Ken. RIP Ken my condolances to his family.
  9. Cor blast bor oi cant keep quiert any longer. Oi live in Shropsire amongst Wolves and WBA fans an there alroit oi also lived near Sheffield and United and Wednesday were ok. Worst b*stards are Leeds, Man U and Millwall, Stoke are not much better although larst week I thought the stewards were great, very friendly and complimentory about the Norwich fans. Treat opposition fans as we would like to be treated and with the exception of those I''ve mentioned they will treat us OK with the obvious exception of those sub humans from my home County down the A140! Glen Roader is on his way to being awarded the freedom of Norfolk, hope I''m not being premature! Bugger why is there no spell check for a pissed up person to use?
  10. Today was the first city game I got to this season, living in Telford thank God I missed Wolves and WBA. The first half I thought we played like the Norwich of old super passing, passion and enjoyment, in the second I thought we adopted the Stoke high ball tactic and that was our downfall, if we had kept it on the deck I''m sure we could have won. Despite the defeat however I think Glenn is the right man we played with a bit of style and Hucks looked like he was up for it even tackling back and winning ball. Oh and a word for the fans you were great I only travelled 30 miles for the match but most of you travelled a couple of hundred one comment I will make is that if they are dirty Northen B**tards so are we, check the latitude on your maps!
  11. Peter Grant played for Celtic when they lived in the shadow of Rangers. Rangers were dominent filled with ex Norwich players! Oh and some bloke from Ipswich. Grant joined Norwich and from what I remember he was pretty unimpresive. Now he has brought that mediocrity back to my beloved Norwich. He has no idea tactically nor does he appear to have any motivational skills. Please board get rid and try to find an old hand who can steady the ship whilst we find a manager who can take us forward. I''m sure that under the right leadership the current players are capable of keeping us up, about as much as we can hope for this season, whilst we build for next. The clamour for the board to go is counter productive as there is obviously no one waiting in the wings with the finacial resourses available to invest in the club, we just have to be realistic and hope they open their eyes and realise the state we are in before its too late. Please don''t yearn for Chase, that bloke started the rot, consign him to history.  
  12. Portman Road circa ''62 cup replay age about 13. Lost my ticket for the home game at Carrow Road (found it in a drawer about a week later) so missed the match. My mum came and dragged me out of school as some Scum supporting friends offered to take me to the replay. Taunted me all the way down to Ipswich. Guess what we won 2 - 1. I ran through Ipswich swinging my rattle and waving my scarf would I dare do it today? Of course I would even at 59!
  13. Will you guys kindly stop equating all things Suffolk with that heap of festering ? 40 odd miles down the road from the finest City on earth. I was born and bred in North Suffolk and until 1960 there was not an Ipswich fan in site, suddenly they appeared after the Chapionship win a bit like Man U fans after ''58. In North Suffolk the yellow and green still outnumbers the blue and white, perhaps the sales of the Pink''un compared with that of the Green''un would give some indication of the ratio!.
  14. I am limited as to the number of games I can see each season. I saw 14 last season home and away and whenever I watched Hughes I felt he was all effort but totally useless. He was incapable of reading the game and his positional play was appalling as a result he played us into trouble on far too many occasions. I am sure he was a super person but just did not cut it as a player for Norwich City. But having said all that I wish him well for the future as I do most ex City players. Hopefully I can soon extend the same best wishes to Doherty!  
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