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A website i'm starting...

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...and want to plug! Hope nobody minds lol. Well I''ve seen people on here post links to websites they''ve designed a few times so I thought i''d have a go at making one myself. I''ve actually had a go at making a Norwich site before but gave up, so I''m hoping to make something of this one, and keep it going and upto date. Bear in mind it''s in the very early stages! I only started on it 2 days ago, but I just thought i''d post about it and see what people think, so they can offer any (constructive!) criticism or suggestions. I know it''s early but go ahead and let me know what you think.

It''s at - http://members.lycos.co.uk/alexsutton85/new_ncfc/

I know, hardly a memorable URL but i''m hoping to find somewhere else to put the site once i get more done :)


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