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hear me out i think the only problem with the club is the chief executive, he has the final say on the way the clubs run, the board own the club yes but in the end its the chief exec that has deciding rule on were the company goes, so its not delia out cos i believe that if we had a chief exec that was a great fan and not in it just for maximising profit for the club thn wed spend a bit more money on the players needed, its like chelsea, kenyon the chief executiv was the guy that said yes or no to buying players, so instead of getting rid of the board get rid of donk and brig in a chief exec that wants to make NCFC great instead of making money for NCPLC, yeah the club needs to be kept afloat but 20mil isnt a heavy debt compared to some clubs and we hav a great fanbase, the club makes a lot from gate reciepts etcand personally cut the wages, why oh why are some of the players we have on the wages there on considering the performances they put in, put em performance related pay then lets see em lose

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