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lucky green trainers

loan fees are killing the champs - time to get rid???

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it costs £500,000+ to get a decent prem fringe player into the champs on loan for 3 months now.   it cost us £400,000 to get crouch, hux and harper  for 3 months  4 years ago.  grant says the champs is known as the graveyard - no one will do you any favours.  there''s a £300,000 loan fee plus £10,000 - £20,000 per week wages.  gunny says we only got warner here last season from fulham ''cos they paid part of his wages.  unless a champs side is bankrolled by ''money no object'' investors and/or you are well in with a top manger (bruce and wenger) & (keano and fergie) - no one will fill your begging bowl, they''re more likely to boot it away.  Why has this dog eat dog attitude entrenched itself in our national game.  maybe too many yank/foreign billionaires have infiltrated our beloved game, and are wielding such power, the corninthian spirit of our forefathers has been consigned to history.  despite having untold wealth, and not content with feeding off the riches  the ''best league in the world provides''  they see fit to kick the rest of our game and leagues  right where it hurts.  rather than doing the decent thing and helping champs clubs, run on proper and prudent traditional business models (such as NCFC), they have imposed their imported survivalist attitudes upon our game - in effect, they want a return, and damn good one, for their investment.  ''they want to make their dollar sweat'' so that clubs like ours are left without the means to pay.  fair enough you might say - its a free market world, but like north sea fish stocks, you have to look after the little guys also, to maintain the health of the whole - its about seeing the bigger picture.  the free market of the prem is also distorted by prize money, prem chute payments and the transfer window (uefa imposed) which are artificially imposed and i believe now damaging the health of the football leagues.if loan fees were outlawed by the prem bosses, then simply the prem clubs wouldn''t loan players out - unless in their interest.  i suggest, as the limit of loanees is 3 anyway - that the prem should pay an across the board £350,000 per loaned player - leaving each champs side to find the already obscene wage bill!  the income gulf between prem and champs is wide enough, but if the prem clubs are greddier still - it should be down to the prem bosses to redress some of the balance back, and enable prudently and well financially run clubs to compete in their league.  cos if a club like NCFC is in financial do do - then just like the feathered canaries whose job was to warn of danger,  our plight should be a warning to all decent football fans and administrators.

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