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Sir Quinny

Why all is this all such an issue what were we expecting

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People - the board have not kept it a secret that the parachute money was going.  We also knew that money was tight this year - the figures reflect that.  We all know that the blame can be taken back to the fact we could not stay in the premiership and we failed to do anything in the first season and a half after relegation.

The money that has not been spent on players has been prudently invested in an excellent ground, training facilities, youth set up and additonal money making areas.

I will admit that going forwards finacially there is not much to hang your hat on - I know the Turners have put money in and could probably put in more.  However I am not sure there is anyone else in the region who has the finnacial might to make a real difference.

With this in mind I feel the present board are the best people to take us forward (as I have said who else is there) as we do not want a Risdale style situation do we?  I mean the Smiths wrote off £800k of there own money for something that could be essentially worthless (Club shares) which I feel is very brave/selflus.

I feel that if the team can just turn it round this year (we do have the players - just not the confidence at the moment) and we can make the playoffs anything is possible and going forward we could be in a great place.

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