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Since watching yesterdays game I''ve been thinking (take note Grant) and trying to not overanalyse an individual game but the bigger picture and where we are. I would imagine that 90% of the games in our league could be decided by the toss of a coin, obviously some games a mistake, or piece of skill or refereeing error leads to goals but overall there is very litle difference between many Championship teams. The game yesterday was not so different to the Saints game for example (just the other way round) and neither opposition has made an impression on me and I dare say that Cardiff fans wont really recall much of Norwich after yesterday. This is due to an abundance of mediocre teams all trying to out talk and buy each other to promotion.So whats my point, well I guess it''s that do people really and genuinly feel that at present the entire team/club has it within them to rise above this level for a sustained period. I doubt this and personally feel that the inexperienced Grant does not instill the confidence into his players (all full time pros for many years who pretty much know how to play football - well maybe not Ginger Pele) or a particular style of football to play and believe in. I think this is due to his inexperience and he often talks of wanting to play attacking wingers with crosses and midfielders bombing into the box, well if thats what he says every day in training why leave Croft and Hucks on the bench, only 2 who can take peolpe on and be direct. I would like a manager to be conident in the particular approach that they believe in and buy individuals to make a team (not a european sized squad) including using younsters where possible to learn what Grant wants from them. This was intended to sound a thoughtful piece and am sure that there are many opinions but I just want to get accross that to overcome a very large and similar group of mediocre clubs you need to have a belief in what you are doing as a team and I honestly feel that there is too much hypocritical and contradictory talk from Grant, which I personally as a player would find very confusing. Let the players get on with it during the game, for crying out loud if you have to point to where they should stand during a match weve no hope.P.S. to the radio Norfolk caller last night I agree 100%, how can a club claim to have aspirations when Mr Gary Doherty has now made 100 appearances for us. I feel for our younsters trying to make it in football seeing him picked every match.

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