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Some things that really need discussing!!!

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Now im one of these supporters who will always give Norwich the benifit of the doubt.  I watch them when i can but as i prefer to play on Saturdays instead of watch i can only make assumptions.  However, i believe all this talk about giving Grant time is all ok, but he had half a season last year to implement his ideas and a whole pre season. Look at Sven, i know he made a hash of our international team but he has brought in a load of new players who have just gelled together (expensive, but not major quality compared to the likes of Man utd, Chelsea etc.The play so well together because they work for each other and arnt scared of making a mistake.  I think Grant is so hard on the players that they are scared to take players on, or make that final pass incase of the hairdryer treatment, which come on to be fair we all know happens. 

I also think we need to cut our contacts with past Norwich Players, i think a manager needs to come in whos going to be postive but critical in the right way, giving the players confidence. Did anyone see his after match comments at Barnet, "how did you see the performance today peter?"  "Very Dissapointing"  im sorry mate, yeh we played poor second half, but we banged in 5 goals in Half Hr, i dont think he gives enough credit to players.  We need a martin allen, maybe not him! but some who will challenge the board and say, look we need this, we need that, or we are going to fail, no one knows what goes on behind the scenes, but it certanily isnt enough for me.

what do you people think?

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