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is it me or does i seem that now hughes has gone everyones trying to make docs to be the scapegoat for every poor performance the team has, Defination of TEAM
1.a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team.

2.a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team
To me a poor performance cant be blamed on just 1 person, and sometimes a poor performance can be blamed on the twelth team member, yes those fans know who they are, Hearing from fans on here saying about others booing there own players, disgraceful, would u perform well at work if you were being booed and harassed constantly everytime you were supposed to do something i think not, i know i wouldnt, did everyone see the footage from the besiktas video on here the other day, lets get to being like that, surely 25000 city fans doing that at carrow screaming for there team instead of booing them will have the opposition unable to concentrate as much, come on show the team why were the best football fans in th country by getting behind the team and making your voices heard at carrow road rather then whining everytime they put in a poor performance yet still win like saturday, yes i know the first half was awful but the boys didnt give up they didnt fail they came out and they took the game and took all 3 points which if we can do that and make carrow road a fortress again by having it a hot bed for team so they dont want to play us then we can go all the way and achieve promotion. did we play fantastic football every game when we won the league last time no we didnt, did we have fantastic individual players or a group of players that play as a team and get those results, did we have fans who were whining all the time or did we make carrow road a fortress by getting behind the team.

scream from the rafters of the ground how much u love club and let them hear your voices,

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