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Reasons to be cheerful Part 1

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After just a few games we feared for survival,
But along came Crouch and Hucks to start the revival,
The confidence grew and the goals they did come,
Soon the team started scoring just for fun.

The start of December saw the end of the loan,
Harper, Crouch and Hucks all packed and went home,
Their last game in Norfolk saw us beat Cardiff 4-1,
But even without them we still beat the SCUM.

We needed some money quick and were asked to dig deep,
Some threw money in the bucket and we all followed like sheep,
We signed Leon and Svensson with some relief,
But what happened over Christmas beggard belief.

Our hopes were raised, but his agent played dirty,
By the time we sign him,at this rate he''ll be 30,
Our patience was tested and our nerves became frayed,
We were all glued to the website and didnt sleep for days.

Christmas day came and we all tried to have fun,
But playing on our minds was the return of the prodigal son,
Then Boxing Day to mecca we all went,
But what DELIA had in store for us was heaven sent.

She strode on to the pitch with a microphone,
To make an announcment in her excited tone,
And their he was for all to see,
As good as his Word, OH HUCKERBY...........................

To be continued...........

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