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Welsh NorwichFan

Are the rumours true that this site may be changing it's name....

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to www.thesmudgershow.com  Maybe a rule where posters can only post so many times a day should be brought in. I cant believe so many people react to smudger, i really can''t. Even xxl16 manages to go to a game or two during the season.People moaning about Earnie life goes on.... surely as norwich fans you are used to having the best players sold Bellamy, Fashunu, Newsome, Ashley Ward, Ashton, Eadie. to name a few. Maybe the people who decided that following norwich in 2004 would be a good idea should go back and "support" the team that they did before. I''m not Grant''s biggest fan but he is trying and i''ll be there on August 11th! Come on you yellows!

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