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assesment of today

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to start off with i missed the first 35minutes due to traffic,was told little happened.i thought the wind made it hard to play,but made us keep it on the ground - but we didnt really do that for the first half.their goal was patheitc defending.anyway,run down of everyone
Green - had little to do generally,not much chance with the goal.otherwise good
Edworthy - thought he was fairly solid
Fleming - good game
MacKay - good,but not quite so good as fleming.took too long to realise we couldnt hoof it
Shackell - not the greates game,didnt look comfortable with the ball at his feet
Henderson - average,didnt do too much worng but needed to come off
Mulryne - didnt look too lazy,not much impact
Holt - i thought he was immense,always tracking back,looked good going forward,man of the match
McVeigh - rightly substitued,not commited - kept shirking out of 50/50 balls
Svensson - did little right - enough said
Huckerby - dodnt do much for me,a few ompressive runs.didnt think much of his abuse directed at jason shackell

subs - leon looked sharp,cooper was commited,and iwan didnt really get involved

other than that i am glad i dont live round selhurst park,wasnt very nice.

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