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Mello Yello

Savage Lions feast on Worst Ham!

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I''m so flaming chuffed that Pardew, Dailly and Etherington, had their come-uppence today. Ok, so it was Millwall who stuffed them, who cares? all the adverse comments that eminated forth from their upper and lower mandible''s, that they were the best team that ever graced this division! HAR! HAR! HAR! people in glasshouses, shouldn''t launch faulty scud missiles! Well Happy!

On another note, I wonder if that Hammer fan who had so much to say on these thread boards [and in the Evening News] and his reasons for occupying much desired "Carra Rud" home seats, was at the 14,000 well below maximum attendance New Den? its only down the road ain''t it. Bet he or any of his "Cockney Sparra''s" weren''t sat amongst the Lions home support sporting their colours. Can''t for the life of me think why not....Nothing against the individual mind, just expressing a point of view....

I apologise to all decent Hammers fans, my tirade is directed toward the above mentioned individuals who bad-mouthed us and this Division. Without wishing to sound patronising you will still get into the play-offs.

Oh dear, I seem to be losing my "Mellowness!" Bad day yesterday, still, "Stoke up the fires!" and roll on Saturday and 3 point''s.....[to us!]....OTBC

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