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Job Swaps

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While being fully behind the team and Worthys choices I do think the team needs player playing in their rightful positions for the team to give their best.

This means keeping Hux as a striker and not a winger, Hendo ditto, Shackell as a Central defender not a left back, Francis & Mullers in central midfield and not a right winger, Mackenzie as a striker not a winger (as suggested by some 4-3-3 fanatasists).

In all cases the club has able deputies in their right positions and there is no need for this tinkering. Shackell on Saturday was very solid defensively yet lack the distribution or attacking support that the team needs - he looked like a central defender out of position. I can only assume that Jim B is still injured hence his non appearance on Saturday?

What next? - an insurance clerk taking over training and team selection - move over Worthy Zips on his way!!!


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