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I believe we are now at a very important crossroads. We are gonna go one of two ways, either we go for Huckerby like Worthy says and have a real crack at promotion or we don''t sign Huckerby, Worthy will leave, Mcveigh will leave on a free at the end of the season and Green will ask for a transfer probably with Man City his destination. This will all happen as the players and Worthy are at a club like Norwich as they believe they can match their ambition, their ambition is to reach the Premiership. I do understand that the money is a problem but Worthy has said yesterday that we should go for it and if we don''t make it we will have to sell someone next summer. Some people say we shouldn''t sacrifice Green or Drury for Huckerby but I don''t think its that simple, basically we match their ambition or they will leave anyway.
I am really worried this will happen I''ve been going for quite a few years now(ever since we were relegated) and don''t want to go back to being just a mediocre div 1 team which we will be if it all falls apart. Please, please sign Huckerby and get Mcveigh signed on as i''m a bit fed up with losing players who we have made into good players leave on frees seeing we were told the club would ensure this didn''t happen after Marshall.

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