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Two poor teams with Wolves so desperately poor that they mustered just a couple of real efforts on goal all game.  We were OK in the first half and disjointed when Robbo went back as HUghes too our shape away.  Not a good performance as the second did not see Matt Murray extended at all but better than most games this year.

Marshall - 6  Not have much to do;  sloppy goal but good distribution and talked to defence;  looks like a sound signing

Colin  7  Got forward well, and linked up with croft very well,  one defensive howler when crossed to their player in teh first half, whenin our own pen area, but otherwise solid

Shax 5 - Clearly suffered injury wise but poor distribution was main concern

Doc 6 - a reasonably comfortable night against a poor Wolves forward line.

Drury 7 - a different man without hux hindering im,  got forward well and with Robbo providing some protection we suddenly looked like a balanced side.

Robbo 6 - gave us shape and balance in the first half when we should have had a multi goal lead,  looked like an out of place midfielder at centre back the second half.

Safri  6 - Slack passing too often but dominated midfield most of the game.  Dont blame the short corners on him - its grant wish...

Etuhu 5 -Aaaargh,  he should watch their central midfielders who worked like trojans (Henry and Olifanjana?)  So lightweight for a heavy weight,  woudl have had a 3 but for getting forward into good positions for headed chances but attacked them all like a pansy,  one with his chest in teh second half would have been a decent back pass, not an attepmt on goal...  He can do it and I  not sure it is laziness anymore but wonder wether can he actually read a game,  only seems to come alive when the ball is in his immediate sight line,  other than that he simply ambles.  For the possession we had he should have pushed into the box more.

Croft 6 - Worked bloody hard but for so little end product,  it will come with experience but it is frustrating at the mo

Thorne 6 - looked like he would never score tonight, yet yet yet - he linked very effectively with Hux, enough to make me think it was the best forward line display I have seen all season.

Hux 9 woudl have been a 10 but didnt score,  however he did every thing else but.   He gave us movement and creativity and in another game we will have won by half time.  

Subs -

HUghes - 2  I have said it elsewhere - he wasnt interested, very unlike him, and I understand he backchatted Grant when he came off,  but 31 mins was too long.

Martin - 6  Gave us the one this that Thorne (and Dion actually) didnt - movement,  some very intelligent runs not picked up on by the right flank in particular,  good link up play and prepared to shoot.   Impressive 15 mins and we need to see more of him - 30 mins on sat at worst, not averse to starting him and bring thorne on later but the thorne hux combo did work well 

A frustrating game and more enjoyable than most recently;  IF we could have played like that all season we wouldnt be fearing a relegation battle,  not looking at promotion either, but safely mid table.  They have to do the same again on sat. 

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