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The are some positives!

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Am I the only person here who thinks that actually, saturday wasn''t as bad as it has been? We passed the ball better than what we have done in games where we have won (ie QPR). Don''t get me wrong, it still isn''t good enough, but it was better than some games where we have won. Here are some of the positives that I have picked up on from Plymouth:

  • Those plonkers who said ''we don''t need a new keeper'' have been proved wrong! Gallagher has too many times been proven to be in-ept, his postioning is poor, as is his allround play.
  • McVeigh has at last played his last game for the club. Here is a guy who has 1) the chance to impress the manager or 2) impress potential new clubs. He did neither, and I will be very upset if plays again.
  • We can see that Doc and Shacks cannot play together at the back. We looked suspect all the time at the back, constantly through the middle. Donkerty out please!
  • The board have seen how lightweight we are up front without Earnie. With any luck, this will make them not sell, or if we do, hopefully the board will put his asking price up. Although I believe that he will stay.
  • Safri I thought was the best of an average bunch. Please Youssef, keep playing conistantly well for once!
  • Chris Brown looked pretty good when he came on. The single-minded ''permantly negatives'' of you will disagree, but I was impressed.

Oh, and stop the Grant out nonsense (again!). Blimey, some of you would sack new managers after 1 game!

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